Dr. Steve Hruby 

Kai-Zen Wellness, Founder and CEO


As Founder of Kaizen Wellness Center, Dr. Steve graduated from Palmer West College of Chiropractic in 2000 as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Physiotherapy. He focuses on combining Chiropractic, eastern and allopathic methods of treatment to help client get- and- stay out of pain, providing patients with the tools to achieve their lifestyle and health goals.

Presentation Summary

Motion is life; life is motion (How to prevent arthritis of your joints now and forever):
Have you ever met anyone who was looking forward to having arthritis in their body? Doctors use to think this degenerative processes was largely a result of the aging process; However, science, research, and clinical data tell a different story regarding the cause of osteoarthritis.

Join Dr Steve Hruby D.C. as he shares the process of time and neglect that leads to decay and degeneration in the body; and shares with you what you can do today to prevent these processes from occurring. As we enter the era of radical-life-extension and self-guided-evolution preventing arthritis of joints and the associated problems arthritis creates become a necessity for all of us.


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