Dr. Terry Grossman 

Grossman Wellness Center, Founder


Dr. Terry Grossman is the founder of Grossman Wellness Center. A thought leader in the industry, he is a published author and coach for many who have made the choice to live a longer healthier life. 

Presentation Summary

Achieve Radical Life Extension by Avoiding the Three Leading Killers:
Someone dies of a heart-related event in the United States every 60 seconds making it the leading cause of death. One and a half million people are diagnosed with cancer annually with 600,000 deaths rendering it second. Shockingly, number three is medical care itself - adverse effects from prescription drugs and surgery, hospital-acquired infections and medical errors.

Radical life extension is within sight. Prevention and early detection of the first two causes of premature death is neither complex, invasive or unaffordable. Yet the overwhelming majority of people have never undergone the latest diagnostic tests capable of detecting heart disease and cancer at early and almost entirely treatable stages. Simple lifestyle changes can render much conventional medical care unnecessary, helping avoid number three.