Ilana Artz

Enerjoy Fitness, Founder and CEO


Enerjoy Fitness, Founder and CEO, Ilana Arzt’s passion and life’s work is achieving and maintaining optimal health forever, and inspiring and guiding others to do the same. Her exceptional success has been founded on blending enjoyment, intensity, and an appreciation for the beauty of every human body. This along with her extensive knowledge of the most current trends in radical life extension fitness and overall wellness, and the personal connection she establishes with every client has made her a highly trusted and respected trainer in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Ilana earned a B.A. Degree in Physical Education from Wingate Institute in Israel. She has earned teaching certificates in weight training and fitness instruction, physical fitness in combat, aerobics and gymnastics.
An accomplished competitor, Ilana has won numerous national fitness and figure competitions.

Presentation Summary

Fit and agile body at any age:
People who are active and exercise throughout their lives on a consistent basis slow down their aging process and might also experience reversal of aging symptoms. It is crucial to have a healthy and fit body to fully benefit from all of the enhancements coming our way. We have to be prepared physically to receive the breakthroughs that will be discovered in the near future. If a person has a weak and unfit physical body, it will be much more difficult for them to respond efficiently to what's coming.
Even worse, they might not have the vitality to be around for the next break through. Therefore, never stop moving! Keep your body fit and agile always.



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