Maria Entrigues-Abramson 

SENS, Global Outreach Coordinator


Maria is an Argentinian-American singer, actress, composer, and pilot. She is also a science and technology communicator and one of the leading voices in the life extension field.
Maria is a radical-change believer and spends her multifaceted life working on facilitating radical exponential change to help the world. You can find her giving a scientific talk, singing live for thousands of people, composing and acting for a Hollywood film, doing music journalism, or flying her Cessna.
She believes humans will achieve very long and healthy lives beyond current limitations.


Presentation Summary

Aging – The new truth of the impossible cure
For all of time, aging has brought the inevitable and unstoppable decay of health.

Until very recently, we’ve accepted aging as a natural process beyond the reach of medical intervention.
Geriatrics and gerontology barely ameliorate age-related disease, people are kept alive longer but in bad health, and the unsustainable cost of healthcare is escalating to crushing levels.
Today cutting edge science promises a tangible path to real cures.

Progress in this field is being made at an accelerated, it is just a matter of time until we conquer aging. 
This talk explores why most humans, still bellieve curing aging is not important or is even a bad idea.


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