James Strole

Coalition for Radical Life Extension, Director


James Strole is the Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, who are the producers of RAAD Fest . He’s a leading anti-death activist and community builder, who has spoken around the world and written on radical life extension and physical immortality for over four decades. 

Jim has dedicated his life to challenging death-oriented beliefs and practices, and has coached thousands of people to live healthier, fuller, more vibrant lives. As a successful entrepreneur, he operated several businesses to fund this work. 
From an early age, Jim was drawn to the purpose of bringing people together to support unlimited life. He started practicing Integral Yoga at 15, and identified with its founder, Sri Aurobindo, who sought to bring together the yogis of India to create a super body to match the super consciousness. 

Jim is co-author of the book Living Without Death: The Experience of Physical Immortality, and has published Living Unlimited Magazine. He has appeared on numerous TV shows both domestically and abroad, and has co-hosted a weekly radio program on radical life extension and physical immortality.


Presentation Summary

Emotional evolution: Preparing for an unlimited future:
We as homo sapiens are advancing technologically, and the singularity, where technology merges with the human body to make it stronger and better, is rapidly approaching.

But how advanced as a species are we psychologically and emotionally? Are we ready for these tremendous progressions? Or are we still governed by antiquated belief systems?

How can we position ourselves both mentally and physically to best benefit from new innovations and help usher them in? I’ll address these question by sharing insights on how to prepare ourselves and how to dynamically bring the future to us.


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